• Gabriela Koschatzky-Elias

member of jury

Born October 3, 1958 in Vienna.
Studies drama and film sciences, Byzantinistic and Neogreco and law at the University of Vienna, graduation in 1987. Translations and art journalism (among others ‚Melina Mercouri - Biographie eines Weltstars‘) and curating of collections as well as editing of art catalogues.

Lectures in Austria and Germany.
Curated various exhibitions, among others „Kunst der Frauen - Frauen der Kunst“ (Vienna - Salzburg - Klagenfurt, 2000), „Graphik Heute“ (Neuberg a.d. Mürz, 2000), „Kunst ist gleich Seele“ (Wien, 2004)

Numerous publications (among others new edition of „Rudolf von Alt“, Böhlau 2001), lectures and exhibitions together with her husband Prof. Dr. Walter Koschatzky († 2003).